Forever Jewelry 101: All Your Questions Answered

What is permanent jewelry?

Simply put, "forever" jewelry is welded closed without a clasp. It's custom fit to your wrist, neck, or ankle and is meant to be worn everyday. When you want to remove your piece, simply snip your jump ring with wire cutters or even nail clippers. Permanent jewelry is as permanent as you want it to be!

Permanent Jewelry in Austin Texas Spare Finery Set Up Welder Bracelet Anklet

Does it hurt? Nope! Micro-tig welders only heat the jump ring that welds your jewelry closed, you don't feel a thing! The process is simple - book your appointment and then expect a quick and fun 3-step process:

 Forever Jewelry Step-by-Step:

Permanent Jewelry Step by Step Process

Does it tarnish? Can I swim with it? What about airport security or MRIs?

We offer high quality chain - in sterling silver, gold fill and 14k gold. 14k gold never tarnishes and gold fill takes many years to wear down with proper care. Sterling will tarnish with time - but a little gentle soap and polishing will keep your piece looking great. We recommend avoiding hot tubs with high chlorine but you can swim, take showers and bathe with your piece on. 

Permanent Jewelry Bracelets in Austin Texas at Spare Finery

Airport security isn't a problem either - TSA will wand you down and let you through security without an issue. If you should need an MRI, you can clip your piece off and get it re-welded in our East Austin studio. If you're not in Austin, there's most likely a permanent jewelry service offered near you.

Bring a friend when you book your appointment and get 10% off both welds! Follow and tag us in your "forever" jewelry on social media @sparefinery and we'll give you 10% off your next weld too! 


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