Gem of the Month: Mother-of-Pearl


Who doesn't love the the alluring, iridescent glow of mother-of-pearl? This month's gemstone spotlight is made of nacre, the same substance of pearls. Naturally occurring in a lovely array of colors - creamy white, gray, silver, blue-green, pink or banded, mother-of-pearl can also be dyed to alter or intensify it's natural occurring color. 

Dating back to ancient times, mother-of-pearl is said to have been used all over the globe - in Mesopotamia, India, and China. Some pieces have even been found in ancient Egyptian artifacts dating back to 4,200 B.C.

Mother of Pearl Gold Heart Earrings

Many cultures believe mother-of-pearl attracts prosperity and is often used in mystical work to intensify intuition, psychic sensitivity and creativity. It is believed that mother-of-pearl shell offers soothing and protection from negative energy.

Mother of pearl Gold Necklace by Lisa Crowder

With Valentine's Day coming up, this widely-loved gem is the perfect adornment to gift a loved one. Visit our shop or Instagram to view our in-stock pieces featuring this unique gem and many more.

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