Lisa Crowder Introduces New Jewelry Line, Spare Finery

Single Bar NecklaceFor over a decade now, Lisa Crowder Jewelry has been known for original and inventive statement pieces. Her bright enamels, creative silhouettes, and hand cut metals are made to shine in the spotlight and draw attention. Recently, Lisa has been inspired to create new pieces that are more subtle and timeless. She has launched a new line of jewelry, Spare Finery, which combines simplicity with contemporary design.

Reception of the new line has been enthusiastic. The clean, sleek earrings and necklaces can be worn every day and are appreciated by that who favor a modern, unruffled aesthetic. Devotees of Lisa’s jewelry can mix and match the Spare Finery pieces with their collection, as each item is made from the same high quality sterling silver and gold vermeil.

Currently limited to a small collection of first run pieces, Spare Finery is available on the Lisa Crowder Jewelry website and Instagram (@sparefinery). Wholesale customers are encouraged to contact Lisa directly about adding these popular pieces to store inventory. To shop for both the Spare Finery and Lisa Crowder Jewelry collections, visit Lisa’s website or stop by the storefront at Canopy Austin. Lisa will also be visiting the Des Moines Arts Festival and Cherry Creek Arts Festival this summer, so if you’re in the area, be sure to come check out the new designs!

Spare Finery Disc Chain NecklaceLisa Crowder Jewelry is located at 916 Springdale Road, Building 3, #102. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm (or by appointment). For more information, visit or call (512) 524-0364. Be sure to subscribe to Lisa's mailing list to be notified about upcoming open gallery nights.

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