Opal: September's Gemstone-of-the-Month

Opal Gemstone of the Month: Lisa Crowder Jewelry Gemstone Jewelry Shop

We chose the mesmerizing, elegant opal for September's Gemstone-of-the-Month!

With it's dramatic play of colors, opal has been a beloved gemstone in the world of jewelry for centuries. It's enchanting display, created by the arrangement of silica spheres within the stone, produces flashes of red, blue, green, and more, making each opal unique.

Opal's symbolism, associated with creativity, inspiration, and emotional healing, adds a meaningful touch to any piece. Whether you're seeking an individualistic adornment or a heartfelt gift, opal jewelry is a timeless choice that continues to captivate jewelry enthusiasts.

We have a wonderful selection of opal pieces this month - just in time for fall and the holiday months. Get yourself or a loved one something special before they're gone!

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