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Celebrate a special occasion, an everlasting bond or just have a treat yourself moment with permanent jewelry.
Choose from 14 styles of chain in 14k gold, 14k goldfill & sterling silver.
Drop ins at the studio also welcome.

What is permanent jewelry?
Simply put, permanent jewelry doesn't have a clasp.
Once you choose the style of chain you like we will micro weld it & it's on for however long you like!
permanent jewelry weld
What if I need to take it off?
No problem. Just come by the studio & we can cut the weld or you can take a pair of wire snippers or even scissors & cut through the ring on your piece.
Will it set off security in the airport?
Highly unlikely as none of the chains we use are terribly thick or heavy & if it does for some reason, they'll just wand you.
Does permanent jewelry last forever?
Nothing really lasts forever, but we do guarantee the weld.
We do not guarantee the chain as we have no control over what you do to it once you leave the studio. If you catch it on something & it breaks, bring it in & we'll do our best to fix it, but this might incur a charge.
Will the chains keep their color?
Since you're wearing this everyday, it will depend on your lifestyle as to how each of the metals wears. We always suggest avoiding highly chlorinated hot tubs & such. The 14k gold chain may be more expensive than the goldfill or silver, but it will be the one to more likely hold it's color for a lifetime. Over much time goldfill may start to reveal it's brass base & silver may tarnish. Using a little soap & water on your chain after exercising, applying lotions, oils or perfumes is highly recommended.
Does it hurt?
Absolutely not! That's the beauty of using a micro tig welder is that there is no flame. The welder creates a small spark & only heats where the electrode touches once the circuit is completed. Your skin can't be a conductor thus no injury.
Do you do special events?
Yes! Have welder, will travel!
Book us for your next special event.
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I want to come with friends & get a bracelet, but I don't want to commit to "forever"...
No problem, we can attach a clasp or a small split ring & you can still participate in all the fun with no commitment!
Can I get more than one bracelet at a time?
Most definitely! Stack them up!
What happens if I lose my bracelet?
Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for lost jewelry.
Please note: no jewelry is indestructible.